What Is the Best OS for Gaming?

If you are tired of your console and you wish to enter the world of the PC master race, you will need a good operating system (OS). Jokes aside, if you are getting a new rig, an operating system will help you get a little bit extra from your machine, and it will also have a significant role in what you can play. Here are the most popular and best operating systems for gaming.


Windows is without a shadow of a doubt the best all-around operating system for gaming there is. There are numerous versions of Windows out there, but we recommend to simply go with the latest edition — Windows 10.

By opting for Windows 10, you will gain access to all the popular gaming platforms out there, such as Steam, Origin, Epic Games, Battle Launcher, Bethesda, and more. This means that you will be ready to play all the most popular games out of the box. Keep in mind that you will still have to install drivers for your graphics card, but that part is extremely simple.

What’s more, while Windows 7 supports DX12 on a few games, Windows 10 is the only OS that will take full advantage of your graphics card and your CPU, making it the best OS for gaming.


The easiest way to describe Linux would be to say that it is a free-to-use OS that is comprised of multiple operating systems. While it is more flexible and has more powerful features than Windows 10, for example, this OS is catered towards professional users, and finding your way around it might be a lot more challenging. 

As is the case with Windows, Linux has various distributions of it. Depending on which one you go for, you may see considerable spikes in performance. If you’re focused on gaming, perhaps the best distributions of Linux to go for would be either Ubuntu or SteamOS. However, as good as they might be, they are still trailing behind Windows when it comes to performance in gaming.

The biggest disadvantage of Linux is that, in order to game, you will need a lot of third-party software to run popular games. Take a look at Steam’s library, for example. Around 10,000 games are playable on Linux, while the whole library has more than 30,000 different games, all available to Windows users.


macOS is by far the worst OS for gaming. While macOS has one of the most beautiful-looking operating systems and is known for its superb security, the OS itself is very limited for avid gamers. Namely, availability for third-party games and programs that you can use is very limited.

What’s more, once you buy a Mac, you are sort of stuck with it, and you won’t be able to upgrade the hardware unless you go for a new rig. In addition to paying a premium price for Apple’s product, you might even have to get an external GPU to be able to play the latest titles.