How to Use Technology to Make Accurate Sports Predictions

In the pre-digital era, it was very challenging to make accurate sports predictions because you had to rely only on your knowledge of the games you watched, and there was no such thing as bet365 bonus code 2020. Only team managers and bookmakers had access to statistics, while average fans had to rely mostly on their impressions of the game. The emergence of the Internet and the digital era has made it easier to make more accurate sports predictions.

Knowledge Is Power 

Sports predictions are unlikely to be accurate if they are based on nothing but a hunch. Sports betting is all about using data and statistics. The Internet is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, and it gives fans access to even more data than before. You can learn almost everything about popular sports events by merely reading news articles and blog posts online. Of course, you can take this research up a notch by analyzing team stats yourself. 

Reading articles is a good start. Still, if you want to be a successful bettor, you must also consider factors like previous meetings, individual team stats, and more complex data on team strategies and dynamics. The most effective way to analyze these variables is via software. The software makes it possible to find in-depth information and to analyze it in a meaningful way. 

Utilize Software 

In recent years, bookmakers have been struggling to analyze the massive amounts of data required to make sports predictions. So, now, they’ve turned to more effective means of making accurate predictions — analysis software.

Analysis software is able to use a combination of statistics, human input, and robust analytical techniques to generate the most likely outcomes. Even the sports game Football Manager which is designed to simulate football results predicted the World Cup outcomes with jaw-dropping accuracy. The most recent tech developments in the field of sports prediction use machine learning and AI.

Eerie Stuff 

The most accurate sports predictions nowadays are generated by AI software programs. In 2018, a tech company called Unanimous AI deployed a human swarming platform, known as Swarm AI, to predict 200 NHL games. The AI program predicted the games with a 61% accuracy, which is higher than the 55% achieved by Las Vegas bookmakers.

The Swarm AI achieved a 22% ROI (Return on Investment) on these predictions. It also generated a “pick of the week” for each of the 20 weeks of the season, and achieved a staggering 85% accuracy and 170% ROI on these specific predictions. 

Machine learning is also becoming a new tech trend. Microsoft is now using it to prevent undesirable forced updates. Even the bookmakers will start using it, along with predictive analysis to come up with accurate predictions and, of course, better odds. But you can also use this state-of-the-art software to come up with forecasts of your own. Many platforms use this technology for sports predictions — some of them are even free!