About Us

If someone asks why I became a programmer with a personal tech blog, I probably wouldn’t answer — I simply love codes. As a kid, I was obsessed with innovation, high tech, and traveling to the future. So, the idea for this blog came out as a result of my childhood curiosity and imagination.

Moreover, during the regular daily chat with my colleagues, I’ve realized we have so many stories to share. We talked about basic tech stuff, like what is the best OS, but also about almost fictional AI developments and Virtual Reality. One day, my co-workers suggested that I should write about those topics.

So, I want this blog to be an honest and trustworthy place where every tech enthusiast can find their own fascinating story and tell it further. I want to bring you all the exciting news from the world of electronics, reviews, analysis, and the latest IT trends.

Finally, I want to bring together readers from the IT sector, but also help anyone who can’t decide what computer to buy.